In regarding and examining the image of your brand, it is with pleasure and from an unobtrusive place on the outside that I see its character more closely.

Do language, story, and attitude (remain) coherent? Is it (still) a true expression of the company and its products? How can the brand image keep pace with the success and growth of your business?

No gray theories by the way. My analyzes rest on 30 years’ experience, actively branding business to business companies.


Since 1987, myself and colleagues have accompanied a wide range of companies. Among them the professional audio manufacturer d&b audiotechnik, a client from the very beginning. We gave the brand a face and voice and bestowed on him a wilful singularity and consistently advancing sound. Back then a start up, d&b today is a worldwide market leader with more than 700 employees and an almost mythical sense of spirit. The share of the brand in the company’s value: 40%.


Far be it from me to teach. To form a picture I would sooner talk together with the people in the house. Just work me in.

Then, with all those who engage directly with the brand, discuss my analysis. To define and express the company’s DNA and evolve a corresponding profile for the brand. Whatever is left to do will be revealed: re-adjust or re-invent.

In purposeful workshops I bring input and energy

Or I can actively support the branding process, with the impulse of a creative.

the 3Cs

With a fine appreciation for how a company is ticking and the value of its product, I design strategic scenarios for all the business ultimately goes after. Just as in life: courtship not combat.

Following the concept I develop the words: story and message, dramatically working to shape them. Rhetorical language, character, style, melody, rhythm – as befitting and right. From pleasure in language comes pleasurable text. And in time, a tone of voice encapsulated.

Ideas that are clever, authentic, attractive and charming, perhaps even humorous, and always harmonious? And at the same time, fit for all relevant channels of communication? As you wish, I’m working on it.

the day
is long

J.W.v. Goethe

High school. Activities at the casual end of the scale. Studied Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Junior Art Director at McCann Erickson in Frankfurt. A freelance writer and Creative Director. 1987-2017 co-owner of an advertising agency. Travel to refresh. Advise with passion.

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